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Description : loop by dresta96

Description : Don't know why I made this to be honest

Description : Made using Nexus and Gross Beat half time.

Description : Made in Omnisphere. Key is Cmaj7

Description : run up my soundcloud yurrr @ProdByWonder

Description : go run up my soundcloud yuurrrr

Description : prod @wonder go run up my soundcloud

Description : Enjoy it

Description : Just a short loop I made using FL Keys and some effects

Chords are: C Maj7, A Min7. C Maj7, E Min7

Post your work into comments I would love to hear what you made with it

Description : super easy to chop up, bpm is 90 and all notes are quarter notes

my advice is to get creative with it and change the note progressions

if you use it, id love to hear it, drop a link

Description : piss of all you x type taggers

Description : made with default plug in Morphine

Description : ROOTS: C, A, D, B

Comment beats down below!

Description : simple drum from ''simple bell melody''

Description : melody made simple in fl studio, show me what you do with it.

Description : An eight bars acoustic guitar loop I made on fl studio

Description : rhodes chords I used for one of my lofi tracks

if you use it, id love to hear it, drop a link

Description : could be used for lofi or a pop beat

get creative with it

if you use it, drop a link. I would love to hear what you can do with it

Description : Trying some different things. Thats the best way to make new things.

Description : The scale is C Phrygian. please comment your work becuase I wanna hear it

Description : Nexus

Description : now that´s a lot of damage!

Description : just an air horn lead for a trap drop

c-key in harmonic minor scale (fits well to f-key loops), 150 BPM

enjoy :L

Description : Flute type loop made in FL studio with omnisphere

Show me your creations

Description : Dark trap melody with vocal chops.If you make some pitch arrengments it would be nice.
Let me see your work in comments below!

Loops 1 - 25 of 6448
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