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Description : Alan Walker type melody.
Feel free to link me what you make!

Description : arp synth hiphop rap pop
Share your music. Just leave a link.

Description : Sound: Spirit of the 70s

Description : Simple but hard hitting drum beat comparable to Flume, 53 thieves, and stuff like that. I wanted to use it in my own music but I ended up scrapping it. Enjoy!

Description : Show me what you create...

Description : Pluck from Serum

Description : Lead from Serum

Description : Synth is from Serum

Description : from Antoinette Chavez pack.

Description : i made this bass hehe

Description : Made using Absynth and running it through a glitch VST. Love making these kind of loops as they can be very hypnotic.
I've put it under Electronic in genre, but if anyone has a better idea then please let me know. Thanks.

Description : Broken violin synth chords(going even harder with distortion on this one)

Description : A bass synth plays a steady 8th-note boogie-like progression. Created with the freeware synth, Vember SURGE.
Key: F Blues

Description : Scale is gypsy spanish C maj. Fm, Db, Fm, C, E#5
Made in Reason using Grain and its matrix effects only. Genre is whatever it fits.

Description : Send me your track ! :)

Description : Send me your track ! :)

Description : made with Omnisphere (german fist pump;what a preset name), i trully don't know what I'm doing on this saturday morning bruh.

Description : The bass loop for the lead loop i uploaded under the same title.

Description : Sup people hope you all are doing well.
I'm back with another loop which i made using serum.

Description : Funky fill from my original track "Heat".

Description : JUST A BUILD UP

Description : Key C
70 bpm

Description : F Minor
70 bpm

Description : A rhythmic synth bass taken at walking speed.

Description : yo this loop kinda reminds me of the fairy fountain song in zelda

Loops 1 - 25 of 7475
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