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Description : Kinda reminds me of a synthwave type of song.

Description : Floaty Arp

Description : Melody from the inside was maden in 2017 or so, when i was in love.

Description : Omnisphere 2 with some bit crushing and distortion.

Description : A M1 Chord Progression in RetroWave style

Description : Chords - M1
Arpeggio - Morphine

Gm7 - F7 - Dm7 - Am7

Description : arp loop

Description : a future trap-sounding saw

comment ur sik creations bois

made in fl studio 12 w/ SAWER

Description : calm vibes

Description : Riser electro
mi fa# sol# la si do# ré#

Description : Degenerated filthy two bar drum loop at 116 bpm. This might blow ur ears out, literally.

Description : Riser 002 eletro
ré mi fa# sol la si do#

Description : My First Riser electro synth

Description : Mallets

Description : Tribal House Percussion
VST used - Spire

Description : used default serum library

Description : Have fun! Show me what u made of! =)

Description : The final of the trio of loops i'll be uploading today! A simple bass synth that could do well with a layering of an even heavier hitting bass underneath.

Description : Vst-Zebra

Description : Vst-Zebra
Preset- Bamboo Hits

Description : Omnisphere w Reverb

Description : Leave your work in the comments !

Description : I have been making more experimental stuff, would love to hear what you do with this. Please reply with your track :)

Description : Im creating a few sounds using specific frequencies this is the first.

An bass sound that starts low and goes higher and quieter

Description : plug-in: flex. I hope you like that

Loops 1 - 25 of 7422
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