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Description : Synth in piano roll, added notes that slide the sound down, made with progression in mind.

Description : ofb type loop idk
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Description : Beautiful way to roll from the Hook into the Part my friends

Description : To download the complete version of this loop with stems and more free loops/free drumkits/free one shot kits click on my profile picture!
You can find this loop in the "Air" free loop kit

Description : made it in piano roll using piano keys vst, simple chords and melody on top, i didnt add any effects or eq, clean loop
bass notes for 808; a3>g3>f3>g3>a3>g3>f3>c3

Description : Bell sample from one of last RAM snippets
Piano roll with notes:

Description : The melody from one of my last projects, kinda raw so mix it yourself to get it sound as you want
Screenshot of piano roll with notes:
Hope moderators will allow this cuz its useful (I've no idea how this chord is called, it's not that simple)

Description : Washed guitar with tape effects.
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Description : the infamous drum roll style of the ogbonge producer kelp vybe. if you ant more afrobeat samples download my shango drumkit: link in bio

Description : fruity loops 20

Description : man Ableton looks wild
so different...
I'm used to Fl piano roll, therefore, only drums for now xD

Description : A simple drum line for House music with a little snare roll at the end. Comment with your track using this sample!

Description : Sad and Dark Piano Roll made in cubase. Could be used as an intro or maybe a transition for a hook.
Be creative with it.
Would to love to hear your beats. Post links in comments.

Description : If you want to reach me IG Link in my Bio.Click on profile picture
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Description : Moody vibrato guitar with delays and reverbs.
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Description : Lots of chorus progression here make a banger

Description : I wrote everything on piano roll. I hope you like it. Good luck!

Description : A basic snare loop for your trap beats. What did you do? Send it to me

Description : Cant go wrong with xfer and spectrasonics can you
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Description : Dark guitar with reverb, delay and filter.
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Description : Two electric guitars lay down a fast 1960's-style rock 'n' roll groove.
Cut-and-paste measures to achieve the bluesy chord progression you desire.

Description : Made with a tonal shot
Drake young thug lil baby gunna travis scott
Sounds like the at home version of roll in peace

Description : Just random loop from piano roll

Description : Nice build up to your beat drop

Description : I haven't posted in a while,
Hope you can use this!
(Kick -Snare)
stay Safe

Loops 1 - 25 of 340