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Description : seems like Im on a drum roll today(badum-tss)
jokes aside, here are some lofi drums :)

any key, again, drums, 71 BPM

enjoy :S

Description : Pierre ,travis, if you made a beat with any of my drums please send a link to it or send it to me on my socials in my profile Thank you :]]]

Description : Next ~ Prod.SDG
Root Notes ~ A#, C, F#, C#
How I made it ~ I threw down some chords. Added a pad. Added a counter melody. Consolidated it. Reversed it. Threw it into fruity slicer. Pitched it down 4 semitones and raised the attack. Changed some notes in the piano roll. Consolidated it again and turned the resample rate to 14000 Hz. Pitched it down 1 more semitone and added a filter. Consolidated it again. Then pitched it back up 1 semitone.
Inspired by ~ Drake, Lil Baby, Lil Dirk

Description : Same loop as before but with a plugg 808 with some roll action.
Bass notes:

Description : Description : I am actively looking for a collab!
This loop is released for the purpose of Sampling for aspiring artists. However it's planned to be used on my own projects.
As the title suggests, this loop is entirely artificial as it's soundbank is totally based on Xpand!2 VST and a simple MIDI score created on a built-in Midi Editor (Piano Roll) with additional effects to add depth.
Please leave credit when used.
You're free to use this loop in your musical projects.

Description : I am actively looking for a collab!
I updated the Loop for two reasons: out of sync & low velocity, I apologize for the inconvenience.
As the title suggests, this loop is entirely artificial as it's soundbank is totally based on Xpand!2 VST and a simple MIDI score created on a built-in Midi Editor (FL Studio Piano Roll).
A delay effect was added to give it more Pizzazz, and finely tuned EQ for more warmth.
I have no idea what "key" is this loop, but it's most definitely 92BPM.

Description : Cowbell loop named "Roll".
This loop is free, no strings attached!
If you made something with this, let me check it out by posting a link in the comments!
(Please sidechain)

Description : hooray to google snares. Lower the volume for the true snare, the sample I found may have been too loud lol

Description : Beautiful guitar sounds

Description : for the vibe
hmu on ig for stems and the whole loop

Description : For the Background of your track to create Atmosphere.
How I made it? Drag an Acapella into the empty Space in the Fruity Granulizer. In the Effects turn the Knob called "Rand" all the way up and play with the "Pan" Button on the left. Oh, and the Attack Button above. Now on the Mixer Track where it is, open Fruity Convolver and Choose "Pink Blur" from the Presets. Open it now in the Piano Roll and there you go. You can even change the Pitch to your liking.

Description : contact me if questions

Description : piano roll.

Description : this drumroll is part of my brand new afrobeat drumkit named in bio

Description : Drag and drop in your afrobeat song for making transitions.

Description : Omnisphere piano in Fl Studio.
Click my profile for contact info for full loop.
Kodak Black, A Boogie, Lil Tecca, Shordie Shordie, YNW Melly, Etc.

Description : Boom bap drum loop made with fl studio with snare roll

Description : I noticed that there aren't many fx's or things such as clap rolls, etc on looperman so I'm gonna upload a few fx and stuff.

Description : A 175 bpm remixed break, containing a reverse section and a snare roll.
genres: jungle, dnb, breakcore, hardcore

Description : A little kick roll / kick fill Used in one of my boom bap beats. inspired in that one kanye song that i rlly dont remember the name of.

Description : Synth in piano roll, added notes that slide the sound down, made with progression in mind.

Description : ofb type loop idk
!hit me up on my ig for CUSTOM LOOPS!(click on the picture)

Description : Beautiful way to roll from the Hook into the Part my friends

Description : To download the complete version of this loop with stems and more free loops/free drumkits/free one shot kits click on my profile picture!
You can find this loop in the "Air" free loop kit

Description : made it in piano roll using piano keys vst, simple chords and melody on top, i didnt add any effects or eq, clean loop
bass notes for 808; a3>g3>f3>g3>a3>g3>f3>c3

Loops 1 - 25 of 360
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