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Description : Nice build up to your beat drop

Description : i had an idea of adding a snare roll in there idk if it fits but i guess it does

kinda funky vibe idk really made in fl studio 12
if u have any questions message me here on looperman

Description : Enjoy.

Description : LMK what you make!

Description : Just a normal snare roll

Description : Why not XD

Description : This was also requested by one of you guys!
Let me know how you used it!

Description : Just something random I made

Description : Big Sqtch - 130 BPM "SMAK DAT"
Visit My Profile Page For Contact Ect.

Description : A call to every artist that wants to create something big. I made these loops to help your creativity and push your artistry further. This isn't something to just download and layer. This is something to make your own...

Description : FL studio 20, snare roll, hihat roll, simple

Feel free to send me what you make with it

Description : FL Studio 12

Description : This is my First 8 Bar Snare Roll for you lovely people. It has Auto Filter and Auto Pan on it to give it a bit of PAZAZ!!! =)

Description : Ableton.

Description : Hope this is useful

Description : 2 bar slow loop, 100 bpm. banging kick, nervously rattling hats and snare roll. Jack Matthew Tyson.

Description : triplet snare rolls,

Description : Show me your tracks guys!

Description : Time to crush the competition. No more games. Trap infused with a electronic style. Eminor


Description : Made this two 808 Snare roll will be sick to use on trap beats. Its dope! enjoy!


Description : i tried to make it just like the one in his song ice cream truck

Description : Just a short trap snare build kind of thing. Filtered

Description : trap snare loop
without panning and effects i don't know your preferences
leave link below if u use it

Description : *I uploaded some of these loops awhile ago but quickly removed them so you may have some. If you do delete them and download these

One of my favorite sounds for rap/trap. harsh gated choir samples and synth hits straight out of the movies. These loops will give you a sound like no other. Enjoy! Made using Ableton Live 9 + plugins

Loops 1 - 25 of 105
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