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Description : Good for Kompany style song, as seen by the title. Used this for my remix for Crash & Burn by PhaseOne, but dw, it sounds different! :D

Description : Primal Rock Drum Loops - 00 - Crash n Ride

Description : 808
if i start making tutorials and such on music would any of you guys be interested? i really want to give back to the community, i know how hard it was when i first started lol.

Description : Rell Ruger Platinum producer with a looperman Mellow / special loop

Click my profile pic to contact me to get my exclusive SAMPLE PACKS, custom platinum loops

Description : Crashes be like CSHHHHHHH

Description : For that extra impact in your drum patterns

Description : My first loop, about time I started to give back to the looperman community. Simple drum loop with snares, kicks, and hats and a crash at the beginning. Feel free to use however you'd like! Comment your songs.

Description : crash x 100

Description : *sigh*

Description : 4-to-the-floor with shaker and percussion. the first and second half of the loop is similar except the first starts with a crash. slight squash-and-dirt on the kick

Description : A nice piano loop.
Share your work below!

Description : Simple one 90bpm you may put your own hats in cos there is only a hat between kick and snare except a crash so u can try different. Show what you've done

Description : Drum loop with reverse snare and interesting crash.
Drop a link?

Description : Some 128 BPM house drums with a kick, clap, reversed clap, crash, closed hi-hat, open hi-hat, ride, percussion and a rim at the end ;)
Let me know how you used it!

Description : Rock-pop loop at 100 bpm, eight bars.
Kick, hats, three layers of snare, a tom run at the end and a crash at the start. This loop has been mastered before upload. For heavier sound!

Description : The title.

How do yall go about naming loops, beats, ect?

Slowly going through the Sweet sounds Of Omnisphere...not sure why people say it'll crash your DAW(specifically you FL People)/PC, If you have $1000 to spend on a VST, You have $1000 to spend on a PC to run said VST like its supposed to run, smh...

Back on topic, This is a flute loop, made in omnisphere. If you make something with this, do share!

Description : Crash FX Transition Effect for hip hop instrumentals.

Description : Upbeat disco drumgroove in the style of the 1976 recording "Don't Leave Me This Way" by Thelma Houston. Crash and turnaround included: Cut-and-paste these measures as needed.

Description : nice punchy set of Kick, 2 Snares, 2HH, 2Ride and Crash tones; carefully mixed with a nice room

Description : and of course the drums also need crash cymbals

Description : my laptop decides to crash and i couldnt revive the project file rip. this the only thing i have left from the project, too sad to remake the whole beat again so here.

Description : send the song you made :D

Description : Rock style drum kit loop infused with some HipHop, a drum beat played heavy on the toms, SD and kick with percussionists accents on the open HH, closed HH, Ride and crash cymbals. 75BPM

Description : Enjoy this KSHMR style crash

Description : Please, send me a link of your work if you use my loop ;) Thanks !

Loops 1 - 25 of 164
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