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Description : Electric guitar chord pattern.

Description : hip hop/pop/ decide..TEMPO is 94 not 93.

Description : Beautiful pop rock guitar riff in A major

Description : Bminor7 into Eminor7

Description : R&B or Hip Hop Piano.Chords are Eb minor into Bb minor.

Description : Minor chord vamp

Description : Funky clean guitar riff

Description : Wah guitar funk

Description : wah funky guitar

Description : funky wah guitar

Description : Electric guitar with tremolo

Description : a great choppy stereo spred guitar riff

Description : electric guitar vibe

Description : electric guitar

Description : muted guitar lick

Description : electric guitar

Description : funkeee

Description : funky guitar

Description : Gibson les paul,Marshall amp.boom!

Description : Real bass line in A

Description : Real bass line in F

Description : acoustic guitar

Description : lick for colour

Description : hip hop guitar

Description : lovely timeless progression.Chords are Bm,Em,F#m,

Loops 1 - 25 of 55
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