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Description : African. Drum. Loop.

Description : I have a pack with melodies and it's free, Check my profile to get the link.

Description : So if ChaseTheMoney and I were to collaborate on a loop this is kinda how it will sound like.

Description : I reversed it so it would sound nice!!! If you don't like it, you can always reverse it back.

Description : So apparently, my chair has a problem so I now sit on a stool to produce music!!!

But it makes for a good loop. What do you think?

Description : I didn't have a name for this loop so I named it anything, hope you like it, tho. Please don't forget show me links to you work in the comments

Description : If you are feeling depressed, it's best to start with this loop.

Description : I know it's not really a 21 Savage type melody but I just hope you can have fun with this loop I have made.

Loops 1 - 8 of 8