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Description : Really basic hardstyle tok . If I get more reviews / downloads I will upload more toks , punches , fxs .
This Tok is purely made 100% non sample so I hold full copyright for this tok .
Anyway enjoy it :)

Description : Screech FX
You can even use it as a continues loop if you cut it to get awesome hardstyle screech .
Please review it if you download it so I will upload more in further future (support)
You can do anything with this loop .

Description : I think it feels quite funny . I have no idea maybe someone have some ideas for this loop . I'd love to see some projects with this weird FX .
You could add more reverb , filter on it to make it even better or let's say " more weird "
Anyway enjoy

Description : Starts with note C . A drum loop with a nice bass .

Description : Note is C
Make sure you match it to your song bpm .
I made beginning a little longer so you can chop it , edit , cut however you like to make it even cooler .
Used pitch , filters , reverb for it . It works for most of dance genres above 140 bpm ... e

Loops (5)