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Description : Simple bells, but you're able to do so much with :) I hope you guys enjoy!

Description : Much like the saying "Just add water" you just add a riff, or a lead...or whatever you'd like. I hope you guys enjoy :)

Description : the title says it all (: I hope you guys enjoy!

Description : I was messing around in Nexus and came across a sound similar to that in the song 'gang bang' by wiz khalifa. Not an exact match of course, but I hope you guys are able to do something cool with it :)

Description : If you've ever heard YG's - Bpt, then you'll understand. (It's basically the synth you hear throughout the song) came across this in Nexus. Hope you guys like it :)

Description : Beyond simple for those of you who like the 'dj mustard' type sound

Description : Something I thought would be inspirational. I hope you guys like it (:

Description : Upbeat organ. Really simple, I hope you guys enjoy :)

Description : Some up-tempo bass to have fun with! Enjoy :)

Description : Browsing through some of my beats (as always) I came across this.
Very simple with just a pinch of reverb. I hope you guys are able to put it to good use (:

Description : A simple auto tuned voice with some effects saying exactly what the title says.
I hope you guys enjoy (:

Description : Another synth to do so much with. If used in something you make, please let me know. I'd LOVE to hear what you're able to come up with :)

Description : For those who want a little more control over 'aliens' This has no echo or reverb

Description : Very simple synth to get really creative with. Enjoy!

Description : To go alone with 'Epic Drums' I decided to upload this as well. Enjoy (:

Description : What started out as hip-hop, turned into...well...this. I hope you enjoy it and put it to good use. (:

Description : As always, the flp and midi download are included in the description. Give some feedback and enjoy (:

Description : Just something simple. Midi and FLP DL http://bit.ly/JhvtXN

Description : Some more simple strings. I continue to get messages asking what keys I used on a lot of the loops. So starting today, I'll be adding a link in the description where you'll be able to Download the midi file along with the FLP if you use FL studio. I hope you guys enjoy. Leave some feedback on the loop AND what you think about the new option

Description : I actually just came across this in 1 of my Sound kits so I'm not sure who to give credit to :( It's perfect if you're in to trap or pretty much anything you put your mind to with it.

Description : Just your basic synth lead. Tell me what you think.

Description : Pretty simple. Can be used if you're into trap music.

Description : Just some simple strings but please be aware that our rights are being taken away. The future of looperman and many other sites are in Jeopardy! DOWN WITH SOPA! Please leave some feedback on the loop though if you like it :)

Description : I know the title is...different lol but tell me what you guys think.

Description : Pretty simple sytnh. Can be used with TONS of different genres. Hip-hop, Techno, Pop, etc. Tell me what you think.
Made with Nexus 2

Loops 1 - 25 of 239