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Description : I made this with the TyrellN6 vst

Description : comment the link to you're song when you use it!

Description : Some nice strings, comment a link if you use this

Description : Nice little synth, pluck with reverb and delay

Description : reminds me of something I would hear on Law and Order with Ice Tea looking over some documents of a case sternly.

Description : I think of foggy gray mountains that hold a dynasty within it's creases when I listen to this. Ambient Stack synth

Description : sounds like some Gwen Stefani turnt up drunk white gurl stuff. A mixture of Dance, Hip-Hop, Trap, Dubstep, Electronic, whatever your makes your heart feel content.x

Description : A Steinway Piano loop. I decided to upload sumn

Description : Was wondering what you guys could do with this. If you add a smooth bass line behind this, it'll be niceeeeeeee. :D

Description : Virtual Instrument loop I made, looking to see what you guys would do with it! :D

Loops (10)