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Description : Snare build, catchy fill then Prydas...seems like less and less people are on looperman:( where is everyone?!

Description : Riser I made with a perc that really good for progressive house intros.

Description : Pluck Drop from the Adams Pack.

Description : Drop Drums i made for the adams drop

Description : The drums for the Flute Drop.

Description : Same drop, but no sidechain.

Description : DOPE edm drums that bang through the system

Description : Drum 3

Description : Kick, Clap, Pryda. drum 2.

Description : First drop kick with the Pryda snare!

Description : Same as the first, just in the next 8 bars, and pitching down.

Description : This is used during the drop to give it a pitch up effect like Martin Garrix did. I made this with just a regular pitch automation

Description : HEYYYY IM BACK LOOPERFAM!!! I have tons of stuff in stock for you guys! Heres the Pluck drop from the popular song by Martin Garrix. Made it in FL Studio with vengeance percs.

Description : Always found myself needing these, but I taught myself how to make them, so here you guys have it for yourselves! This goes great with most tracks, Big Room especially.

Description : Not the best, but not the worst.

Description : Big Room kick that I use.

Description : Trap or Hip Hop drums with 808s..if you guys want, I can make another without the 808s!

Description : The only effects on it are a compressor and a Paramatric eq. If you dont mind, post a link so i can here what you did with it!

Description : A pretty simple riser, you can vocals to it etc. and chop of the break and snare at the end if you would like. Please feature me in the track as Dj Mase. Enjoy!

Loops (19)