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Description : Very simple quickly plucked Cello with low notes interrupted by offbeat high chords. Simple but nice. Made using Logic

Description : Just another piece with the same chord structure as the last that's probably a little bit tighter. Recorded using Logic

Description : I'm not a very good piano player but it worked quite well in one of my latest tracks. I has a bit of an RnB feel to it but can be used in any way. Recorded using Logic

Description : It's a very simple bass noise without any reverb so it sounds quite dull but its a quite powerful with other instruments. It actually moved my subwoofer from the vibrations when I made this. Made using Logic

Description : I think I put a slight tremolo effect over the organ which gives it a smooth feel. Made using Logic

Description : Persian sound - i think it's called a Santoor - might be wrong though. Really nice sound I quite often use it in a lot of my tracks as a slow interlude. Made using Logic

Description : Distorted guitar with a pitch bend at the end - excellent for transitioning between different sounds - sounds really powerful on its own. Has some trailing effects - made in Logic

Description : Held together by a modern drum beat but mixed with elements of typical middle eastern drum sounds. Made using Logic

Description : Empty bassline made with an FX pedal on the bass that kicks in in the second bar with a heavy bassline with pitchshifted effect. Made using Logic

Description : A transition effect separated by two Clav chords also with effects. Good for a very large change in a track especially if slowing down the track. Made using logic

Description : Very simple but nice sounding dark bass sound with an off beat high chord. Made using Logic.

Description : This one works well to really change the direction of a song half way through and make a memorable bridge but can be used any way. Starts with an empty but powerful riff then moves to a bass accompanied riff. Made using Logic and an FX pedal.

Description : Beatbox spitting effect with a steady beat to strengthen. Made using Logic

Loops 151 - 163 of 163
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