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Description : A synthesised marimba played with offbeat chords and low notes. Key change midway through. Made using Logic.

Description : Some offbeat bass chords mix with low notes. Sounds a build like a build up to something. Made using Logic.

Description : These are two of this kits I made combined together and tweaked a little. I lied in the last one, I think this ones my favourite. The loops that I have put up tonight should all fit over each other and should sound quite good cut up. I look forward to hear what you guys make of it. These loops were specifically made for you at Looperman as I've heard some excellent remixes so far - keep em coming! CeeJamesBeat

Description : This is probably my favourite of them all. It starts with a low low organ note and it builds up with different drum sounds. It all mashes together quite well and sounds quite rhythmic. Used about 8 different instruments to make this but it fits together quite seamlessly. Made using Logic.

Description : Same riff as other two use a trance style bass that I commonly use in my sound. Made using Logic.

Description : Same riff using a strange synth (I think it was pre-made in Logic, maybe). Made using Logic.

Description : Same instruments as previously uploaded but using the "complex" riff. Made using Logic.

Description : It's the simple riff but with a different bass synth. It is a bass but it's played quite high. Made using Logic

Description : I don't know what that sound is so I'll stick with scratchslide. Interesting sound though. The loop combines a few different kits written with 24 beats to the bar. Made using Logic.

Description : Another one of the simple riffs but with a bit more of a bassy sound. I love this strange synthed bass sound. You don't often hear it though. Made using Logic

Description : Only way to describe this strange sound. This isn't the best of the kits i've made tonight but I wanted to include it anyway. It's a simple 1/2 beat with some strange sounds in the background. Made using Logic

Description : As in description. I think originally it was an FM synth but I messed it up a bit. I've made two (main) riffs for this pack. This one is the simpler variant. It was written 24 beats to the bar and was made using Logic.

Description : I made quite a few drum loops and quite a few bass synths so I'll alternate them. They all work well when they're chopped up - I had a little play with them but i'm not the best at chopping up samples in logic. This one is as in the description pretty much. Made using Logic.

Description : Not so much liking this one on its own but it sounds good mixed with other "ethnic" instruments. Just quite a simple riff using a synthised santoor (I don't have one lying around the house unfortunately). Made using Logic.

Description : Quite a happy sound with this one - it's a nice contrast with what's to come. All the loops I'm putting up tonight should all fit over each other and mix quite well. Made using Logic.

Description : Got a big upload coming. I'll start with the Asian style ones but theres quite a varied mix tonight; quite a few dubstep style loops. I say dubstep but its not really "hardcore and dirty" dubstep just nice and tuneful. Anyway this one is a Asian style kit with loads of cymbal and timpani sounds but it's quite rhythmic. Made using Logic.

Description : Last one, finally. That was a major upload - took me like 30 minutes. If some of the descriptions are a little weird it's because I was trying to multi-task and that normally ends with failure. Anyway this ones a synthesised bass line that I'm sure i've ripped off from somewhere but I don't where. All these loops were made just for you at Looperman so ENJOY! CeeJamesBeat

Description : Same instrument as before just played with chords instead of the riff. Made using Logic.

Description : Synth that sort of resembles a bell noise. This is another one of my usual instruments. Very light and uplifting sounding instrument has a little bit of echo on the bells. Made using Logic

Description : There are three parts to this loop really. The first part is a huge kick and hithat/crash combination with reverts....I can't be bothered to describe this whole thing. Just listen to it. Made using Logic.

Description : Lots of emphasis on the deep kick and the hihats. They play a big part of this beat. Made using Logic.

Description : Another Dubstep Kit loop with a big bass wobble on the kick and some crazy trailed effects on the snare. Made using Logic.

Description : Same riff as before but with a Cello played with Pizzicato style. Made using Logic.

Description : As i've used in my previous uploads - it's just a simple instrument I accidentally made using logic. It's quite a pleasant sounding riff though same as the Piano riff. Made using Logic.

Description : Here's the classic synth that I always use in my sample packs.

Loops 76 - 100 of 163
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