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Description : Got bored and arranged a drum loop. Enjoy!

Description : Made this a few week ago and never used it. Hope that it is of use to others!

Description : This is a rising sweep. It's useful for transitions and can give a track some flavor!

Description : A simple bassline that I made in a project I'm working on.

Description : Trance pluck chord progression.

Description : A 90 bpm drum loop that I made that didn't fit the track it was originally made for. Hope some people in the Looperman community can find a use for it!

Description : Simple 8-bar drum loop with a kick, snare, hi-hat, and a sample of a reverse cymbal

Description : 90 bpm piano chords that I'm using in a project. If you like it, but need it in a different tempo, then let me know!

If you use it, I would love to hear it. Just comment with a link.

Description : Piano synth loop in C# minor and 90 bpm. Reverb and slight delay added.

Description : Low-pitch 4 bar drum loop.

Description : Ambient pad made in FL Studio

Loops 76 - 86 of 86