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Description : Part of my loop package Ambient Reality. 1 of 7 ATMOSPHERE loops.

Description : This has a chordal feel to it. But still bass. (same notes as before)
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Description : A bit thicker. Same notes as before.
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Description : A bass with a "shuffling" feel.
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Description : A thick pulsating bass. Usable in Dubstep, Electro, Hardcore, or anything else that needs a nice heavy bass.

Description : A sliding electro synth. Useable in House, Dance, or Electro/Electronica. But may work in other genres as well.

Description : A simple industrial beat with some tonal synth.

Description : A psytrance drum loop with hats to add a more full feel to your mix.

Description : Some basic psytrance drum kicks without hats.

Description : A "bouncy" synth that would work in any electronica themed song.

Description : A bell melody. can be used in anything really.

Description : A simple Trance pad.

Description : This one has the thick Low-End plus a larger phase. Its slightly larger than the previous one.

p.s. I forgot to mention that these are just simple effects, not men't to be used as an actual bass. If i get enough comments, i might upload one like this that is used as a bass or something.

Description : This one has a thick low-end feel to it.

Description : A modulated bass that sounds slightly like a Transformer from the movies.

Description : A dance of the angles. Featured in one of my upcoming tracks.

Description : Can be used either as an intro or as a sequence.

Description : A slimple hardcore Arp.

Description : A simple house horn lead with delay and slight reverb.

Description : A simple High-Pass trance lead.

Description : A different bass drop. lots of dirt added.

Description : Everyone wants a nice solid bass drop. So here ya go.

Description : A simple house kick with slight percussion.

Description : A simple Hardcore drum kick with massive distortion.

Description : A short snare sequencer used to give a short transition in the music.

Loops 76 - 100 of 101
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