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Description : Throw away loop made with tremolo picked mandolin preset. The chords are Bmin - D6 - E5 -F#7. This can be used with a distortion plugin for a black metal sound.

Description : Simple chord progression made with a dreamy piano preset in Omnisphere. The chords are Amaj7 - Dmin7.

Description : Glass trap bells in F Phrygian

Description : Rnb tremolo

Description : Rnb riff in F# minor

Description : Dry recording of my Stratocaster. The chords are C#min7 - Amaj7 - Cdim - C#min7.

Description : sounds great

Description : Sad riff on my Strat guitar. I played Emin - Dmin - Bmin - C for the low strings while playing the open G, B, E strings.

Description : Pluck sounds made with Omnisphere.

Description : Reminds me of Lil Mosey. F# - Fmin progression.

Description : Phat chords on a Rhodes. The chords are Fmaj7 - E7 - A6 - D9. I put an A note on top of each chord so it rings throughout the progression.

Description : Dry recording of my Strat. The chords are Dmaj7 - F#maj7 - Bmaj9 - F#maj7.

Description : Dry recording on a Fender Strat. The chords are C#min7 - Emaj7 - Amaj7 - Cmaj7. Sounds good with some reverb. Hope it's usable.

Description : I used a flamenco guitar preset.

Description : I used a Mellotron Flute preset.

Description : ayy lmao

Description : Dark sounding piano, inspired by a black metal riff I came up with on the guitar.

Description : Made with toybox preset

Description : More emo riffage...

Description : Made with Flamenco guitar preset

Description : Lush flute like ambient with some delayed melodies.

Description : Leftover from session.

Description : Tremolo guitar made with a preset in Omnisphere

Description : Hope it is usable.

Description : Made with a music box preset.

Loops 76 - 100 of 133
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