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Description : back to 2012 guys

Description : let me know if you wanna some homemade serum presets !

Description : it is an edm drum or future bass/trap drum ? idk

Description : I think it's look like vaporwave ?? (a little synth with an attack and little LFO)

Description : I made this loop with serum

Description : trap drums with hard toms and pitched kick

Description : use a smooth LFO

Description : pitched pad

Description : Chill piano with a little pitch

Description : little snare with reflections reverb + stomp and fx

Description : i can't do more simple hahah

Description : send me your stuff :)

Description : this one is with sidechain, a little bit!

Description : no sidechain!

Description : I think its a tropical house pluck ? I don't know honestly.
Made with serum

Description : made with sylenth1 !!

Description : i just download sylenth1 for mac, here's a cutie pluck i've made with it :)

Description : a classic trap drums

Description : simple drums with a special snare :))

Description : hey, let me know in comments if you wanna the drum kit (and MIDI)
simply hard drums with some foley, and others some shit

Description : pluck made with serum!

Description : simply pad made on serum :)

Description : sample from my future track, inspired by kaytranada a little bit :)))

Description : sample from my future track

Description : Sample from my future track

Loops 51 - 75 of 100