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Description : Same story but this has real Zildijians for more spice and flavor.. wait.. Maybe they were Sabians.. whetevs.. It's yours now!

Hip hop glitch metal idea that didn't pan out.

Description : This is something that hasn't really been working for me, and I am gonna clean house.. more loops from me probs.. but anyways.. kinda was trying to do a metal glitch hip-hop thing.. soo.. yea.. I hope you like it...

Description : Kinda reference to Diablo 2 but also an accomplice of mine heheheh

Whatevs.. It's a real kit.. Yamaha Stage Custom and then a 909 and massive and then rediting.
Gohavecautiousyourself. Wink wink say no more say no more.

Here it is in full flight

Description : Argh, I just sprayed this bug killer all over my studio and it's making me really light headed.... ughhhh

This is a ... typical drum pattern .. open hi-hats... It's more like shiny that way.

Description : This is kinda ... a very universal drum pattern.
Kick on the 1 with some variation... Snare on the 3 or whatever.. I can't remember...

It's a DW kit. Enjoy!

Description : STIC stands for Something that is not Copyrwritten.

But it's DW drums smashed into oblivion. Enjoi.

Description : More craziness that is awesome.

Bit-crunching and awesomeness.. Probably over compressed but whatevs.

Description : Umn... DW kit... Really compressed and ran thru broken glass, broken transistors, and your brain.


Hand Claps
Hip Hop

This is totally wrong.. Not the right loops... But whatever... Screw it. I don't care.

Description : Pretty cool.
Drum and Bass, Hip Hop, Breakbeat kinda thingy.
I use two ride cymbals for all my drum work, just a fun fact.

Description : This is probably the only part I liked out of this, but upon careful observation it's a lot like my L1V35 0N F053V35 loops. but whatever.

Description : Trying to mix Jazz and Breakbeatish kinda hip-hop..

It sucks whatever.

Description : Kinda used Drum and Bass, but trying to get this really breakbeat feel.. It didn't happen. It was done for a local, and since he didn't like it you can have it.

This is the groove of the series.

Description : This was done for a local, and he didn't like it, so I offer it for free. Buncha stuff happening.. but not on this one lol
Just a simple intro

Description : So the "BCFP" stands for Baby Crap Flavored Pistachio's

Jussss so you know.

Description : Yeeeearghhhhhhh

Description : Geetar. I got's nothing else for you.
I say good day!!!!

Description : Aliens descend from the heavens and enslave the bass players of the world... Can the dubstep world survive?!?!?!

Description : A wild muskrat attacked a little child and set a hospital on fire. Can you save the bass tone?!

Description : A really improperly wired bass guitar ran thru a terrible amp in moist whether featuring no tone and bad phrasing!


Description : Breakbeat meets punk in the Baby Crap Flavored Pistachio nuts series... This was the goal initially to mix Punk rock DnB and metal and HARD rock in one.
Check out the series if you hate baby crap.

Description : Rock drums

I suck at describing things... It doesn't taste like... a Baby Crap Flavored Pistachio nut.

Description : Rock Drums.

Metal, awesome Deftones Godsmack (shudders) awesome .

Description : Rock and Roll mutha

Deftones but more Godsmack..
(alividlife shudders deep within his soul)

Just for the record, Deftones is the greatest band ever, NOT GODSMACK, but this kinda reminds me of both.

Description : This is the FILL for that drum loop.


Loops 51 - 75 of 285
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