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Description : getting back to working on music, this is a loop i never got to finish. went back to it today and did some work, hope you enjoy.

Description : I was Randomly Inspired to create this loop, i thin it turned out great and i hope you think the same.

Description : my second wobble

Description : i tried to remake a wobble he uses alot

Description : backing synth to the scary monsters and nice sprites one i posted

Description : scary monsters and nice sprites without the backing synth

Description : a wobble i made in ableton with massive that reminds me of something datsik would use.

Description : i added some effects to make this piano fuller, hope you enjoy

Description : crazy trap beat

Description : same chords as my arp synth

Description : an arp synth that goes with a dance lead ima post
a minor and c major are the root chords

Description : a piano loop i was goin to use in one of my songs.
honestly i only put it under dubstep because its at 140 but it could be used in many other genres. the chords are a minor and c major

Description : kinda wanted to make a beat like the intro in zomboys song nuclear. good for a fast paced dubstep intro.

Description : well its the same beat again with a vocoder
it is vocoded onto c major7 a minor7 em7 and g major. it also has the basic a minor and c major chords

Description : same thing as before with the hats and cymbals added in...

Description : at 140 bpm with no hats or cymbals

Description : the vocal chops with no effects because the first one had some reverb

Description : well yea same chops but......vocoded

Description : vocal chop in A minor

Description : a pad that goes well with my other loops

Description : the full distorted loop

Description : shift from the dry pluck to the distorted one

Description : nice pluck for an intro and will put up a transition pluck and a distorted pluck

Description : the faster version of the first

Description : reminds me of some sounds that flux uses
ima upload a faster one also so give it a look

Loops 51 - 75 of 82
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