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Description : part 3 of 4. Layer with parts 1, 2, and 4 for the full loop

Description : Part 2 of 4. Layer with parts 1, 3, and 4 for the full loop

Description : I'm Sure y'all know by now, especially from how some of my loops sound, my favorite producer is Will-A-Fool. I did a loop series a while back making something that sounds like his beats. Heres part 2 to that.

This will come in 4 Parts, layer them for the full experience.

I might do more of these if enough people want it.

Description : Tried something different. Mixed some Accoustic cymbals and claps with a generic trap kick and hihat. Do people even layer their drums like this anymore?

Made for a Vocaloid song I'm working on. This loop uses sounds from the KSHMR drumkit and some random trap kits I have.

Description : Something I came up with. reminded me of Warzone by Future, hence the title.

Made in Kontakt and Gladiator.
Use if you like it, link what you make with it!

Also if any of you play the drums, I'd like some loops of those yo

Description : I don't really have much to say about this one, just something I came up with. Yeah...

Made in Kontakt. Use if you like, link what you make!
If you want custom loops, samples, beats, collabs,ect, message me here. or through email.

Description : So, my hard drive broke the other day and LET ME TELL YOU...
I lost 4yrs worth (and like 4000ish beats and samples). I sad yo.

Made this to try and cheer myself up, but as you can see, It didnt work.. just makes me miss it more. here's a lesson, keep backups of your stuff.

Made with Kontakt.

Description : So, looperman is finally letting me upload stuff without the page reloading infinity. I wonder what the problem was?
Eh? It's because I don't use FL? It's because I don't use FL, huh. WELL TO BAD YO!

Bad jokes aside...

Made In Omnisphere, a pad with all the sfx turned off. this can be used with the drum loop I posted for some Trap type stuff.

Use if you want, link what you make!

Description : This is about as simple as it gets. made with extreme boredom.
Not much else to say here.

Use if you want, link what you make. for custom loops, or beat collabs, message me here or trhough one of my contacts

Description : For some reason, looperman wouldn't let me upload anything for the past few days. Like, I'd fill out everything, hit upload, then the page just hangs and resets itself. Not sure if my wifi is bsing me or...

Anywho, Made in Omnisphere, its a reverse Piano Pad with a ghost lead ty thing for texture.

Description : Due to looperman being a looperman, I had to split a loop n stuff.

Here's the Piano for it it. Please Excuse the Spam.

Made in Kontakt

Description : The title.

I don't get it... The Upload criteria for looperman is weird. Says you cant upload 'layered loops' yet people do it all the time?? Sometimes my loops get removed(???), and I have a bunch of loops with multiple sounds in them (like the last few I did). Whatever I guess

Anywhoo.. Made in Gladiator. Original beat where this came from is named 'Spam' in part from all the email notifications from people commenting on my loops n stuff, not that I mind or anything

Description : Story time I guess.

When I was making this (Only had the piano at the time), my little brother came in and said it was trash. I was like, 'Not like you can do better.'

5mins later we came up with this.

Made in Kontakt. String chords played by my brother, solo cello played by me.

Hope y'all like

Description : Just something I'm working on. Willafool type melodies, minus the pianos n stuff. (The begging of this doesn't play all the sounds like it should, not sure why...)
Would people be interested in more stuff like this?

Made with Kontakt, Icarus, and Gladiator

Link what you make! Custom loops, colabbs, ect, message me on here yo!

Description : I made this as an thanks type thing, for all you nice producers who've been making fire with my loops, especially the last few ones. I like, reeeaaallllyyy appreciate it, make me... happy n stuff

Made with Omnisphere, Kontakt (the Flutes), and Gladiator

link what you make, and if you want customs, collabs, anything like that, message me on here or one of my contacts!

Description : The title.

How do yall go about naming loops, beats, ect?

Slowly going through the Sweet sounds Of Omnisphere...not sure why people say it'll crash your DAW(specifically you FL People)/PC, If you have $1000 to spend on a VST, You have $1000 to spend on a PC to run said VST like its supposed to run, smh...

Back on topic, This is a flute loop, made in omnisphere. If you make something with this, do share!

Description : MONSTUH!

I finally got around to buying Omnisphere, and as I was going though the sounds I found this. I swear Radical is hardest Metro beat there is.

Made in Omnisphere, Tuvan Drones is the patch.

Description : I swear, when People learn that there are better piano VSTs/Samples/Soundfonts/Hardware(If you're into synthesizers) out there, I'd be one happy camper, n stuff. Probably wouldn't happen though...

Anywho, Made with Kontakt. And Speaking of that, if you want a recommendation on a library, get either the 'Galaxy Pianos" by Best Service, or get Komplete, has a bunch of piano libraries, like The GIANT.

Description : Here's some more orchestra type stuff like the last one, but darker/scarier I guess?

Made with an actual violin, cellos from Kontakt, and a pad from Gladiator.

If anyone wants more loops like this, let me know and I can upload more

Show what you make, and hmu for customs, collabs, ect!

Description : Been a while since I uploaded something..

This is a violin loop played by me (the chords, I'm learning to play) and a friend of mine (the solo melody). added a pad for texture. Not sure how much use one can get out of this, but if you use, lemme hear it!

For customs, collabs, ect, message me!

Description : Made from multiple phrases and sustains from Heavyocity's "Scoring Guitars" Library for Kontakt. Sounds Kinda Metro-ish... Loop 9th to 16th bars for looping.

Link what you make, if you want customs, or to collab on beats or projects message me yo!

Description : This is a random melody that I came up with on the spot.
Nothing much else, really

Made with Kontakt and default Studio One Chorus and Flanger effects.

Link what you make, and if you want customs, or collabs, contact me me stupid, but whats the 'LMMS' in the DAW selection tab?

Description : Yes, My Naming sense is Trash-Tier.

Made With a custom Kontakt Library I'm Working on.
This has a TON of reverb and some chorus.

Link what you make yo!

Description : Something new I guess...
Made with Kontakt and Gladiator, But uses poorly made Flanger, and chorus vsts. Oh and Gross Beat for the halftime.

Is there a way to get rid of that poping sound Gross Beat makes when Half-timed? I always EQ it out but...

Link what you make, Id like to hear it!

Description : So, last week, I stopped using FL Studio entirely and now use Studio One. Not to hate on FL or anything, I love the thing, especially Edison... but it comes a time when one must move away from the mainstream, and move to the underground... or something like that. whatever

Anywhoo, Made with Kontakt.
As always, link what you make, and hmu for collabs, custom loops, or beats

Loops 51 - 75 of 108
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