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Description : Dark repetitive bells

Description : Flutter bells

Description : happy lofi bells

Description : Made with Omnisphere

Description : Strumming on my Strat

Description : Dry recording of my Stratocaster.

Description : Dark Bells II. Made with Omnisphere.

Description : Dark Piano Bells

Description : chopped guitars

Description : Happy Guitars

Description : Sad Rnb Piano melody in A minor

Description : Dark Spacey Bells

Description : Dark Keyboard Bells

Description : Made with FL Studio stock plugin GMS

Description : Acoustic Guitars

Description : Dark Bells in A minor

Description : Sad Guitar in E minor

Description : Simple guitar loop

Description : Made with Omnisphere using the "Cleansing Lounge" preset. That's it. I did not use any effects.

Description : Guitar In Schizophrenic Mind

Description : Made with FL Keys using the Dance Piano preset

Description : Chill jazz loop. I used sine waves to achieve this sound. For the chords, I used Emin7b5 - A7 - Dmaj9 - Bmin7.

Description : Messed around on FL Studio and I came up with this.

Description : RnB type melody in A minor.

This can be layered with Toybox Chordz Layer loop.

Description : Amin7 - E7 - Fmaj7 - E7

Loops 51 - 75 of 133
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