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Description : SEXXY! Here are the strings to this. I have the plucks on my page too

Description : SEX. These are my first loops in 7 months, here.

Description : These are my first loops in 7 months.
Here is an exact recreation of I remember by Deadmau5 and Kaskade
I wanted to put the two loops (LOW/HIGH FQ) together as a build, but the loop was 0.3 MB to big, cml.

Description : My Massive re construct of the intro sound from the song EDM Death Machine by Knife Party

Description : MUAHE e....Enjoi.

Description : MUAHAAAH! Enjoy.

Description : Enjoy.

Description : Some new trap vocals for you, haven't made anything in a while. Enjoy. P.S, to anyone wanting custom vocals and who commented on my last loop, my MIC is down so I'm working off samples, and I will get to you ASAP!

Description : HERE! The tempo is 128 but it works 140 as well!!

Description : Yes baby...

Description : Want some custom trap vox, come to me man! Comment on here then email me or something!

Description : Yessssiiir.

Description : LAZERZ Remade by me. Everything is mine completely.

Description : Haha. This is something Special for you. I've been away, I'm back..

Description : I haven't uploaded anything in a while, so imma try to start. Heres a vocal clip i think is really cool and could go with trap or any dubstep!

Description : Strait from my brain to your finger tips I bring you a sexxy time fungus adventure penis of a grand gesture BUILD that sounds likes something from Knife Party?? Lead this up to your drop, slice some clever vocals and drop that bitch, enjoy.

Description : HEUAH. This one fades in high negro bitch

Description : Fucking love this shit

Description : Lets get high in this mother

Description : Deep ass growl fade shit

Description : FUNGUS TIME!!

Description : ofwgktadgaf

Description : Great for a dubstep Buildup/intro snyth! Pads and 2 types of plucks

Description : HI....

Description : HELLO!

Loops 26 - 50 of 400
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