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Description : This is the intro hats that you first when you play parking lot.

Description : It's a basic square synth with a chorus effect. post what you make (or not) and let me know if you guys want more of these type of synths.

Description : Made from the SID VST in Lmms

Send what you make because I know it will be good.

Description : A nice dream loop if you ask me.

Description : Make me proud with this one guys!

Description : BasicallyI just put together a synth and made some chords (Idk what chords though).

Look up daft pina and just listen to his background music.

Description : This was from the sorry stuff I was working on.

Description : Hey diary. It's been a minute since I posted here so I guess I'll start like this.

Description : late but happy new years to everyone!

Description : Anyone ever see that dude named kong on youtube he help start imaginary ambition.

Description : I tried making a trap beat (That boi was hard tbh).

Description : Now this right here is tight. I wanna remake it on my guitar when I find an area to record.

Description : More Tyler The Creator stuff. Chords sound cleaner
in this one.

Description : It don't feel like Christmas anymore.

Description : Happy Holidays y'all! This ain't new but I got some stuff coming today!

This may be an old sample but it truly sounds cool.

Description : I just put a higher octave of the same notes I was playing before.

Description : A simple build up I based off a guy named Bill Evans. He's pretty cool.

Description : So spicy had me choking.

Description : Getting spicy.

Description : Reminds me of that binary piano loop I made when I first started posting here.

Description : Pretty random but sounds cool.

Description : Couldn't get the pitch right but the chords should be all good.

(Someone on youtube said the last two chords were wrong but idk)

Description : This is based off the bells from the sorry beat. If you know any good Bells/Xylophone Vst's please tell me.

Description : This is based off of tyler the creator's sorry instrumnetal. You should listen to it because it's cool. I wanna do the bells but idk how.

Description : I was gonna make a beat off this but I couldn't think of anything so i'mma put it here and see how what you guys (the people who download this) can do.

Loops 26 - 50 of 60
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