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Description : Struggled to find a category for this one but this Loop is differently pitched and effect metallic hits to make a short little musical thingy... um so... yeah this should work with any of the other Loops I've uploaded with "Metallic Disturbance" in their

Description : This my attempt at using metallic sounds to create a Drum Loop, this loop will also work with any of the "Metallic Disturbance Loops" I have uploaded *Providing you adjust the volumes accordingly*.
Hope you enjoy.

Description : These are dark pads for your track, they cold work in any track that wants a weird but dark feel.
Hopefully you enjoy this loop and you will be able to find more on my looperman page.

Description : This is a loop I recently discovered by mistake, it was named bip.54593 or something stupid like that. I touched it up (not like that) and it's now a nice little progressive segment so I hope you like it, as with all my loops this should sound ok and Eq'd

Description : Inspired by the Rockwell and Phace track "NO!"
This loop is filled plenty of grooving rhythms for your Drum & Bass track.
Hope you enjoy (sorry, been away for a while)

Description : This is a loop I made by chopping up 'jadejade's' loop which can be found here:
All credit goes to them, I merely added a beat etc.

Description : This is a loop I made by chopping up 'jadejade's' loop which can be found here:
All credit goes to them, I merely added a beat etc.
Hope you like it.

Description : A devilish... nursery atmosphere? um this is part of another loop I uploaded that should sit well on top of each other.
Other than that, do what you want with it, enjoy!

Let me know if you use any of my loops please, it would be nice to know.

Description : This loop I made actually has a notes and is part of another loop I have uploaded called 'Devils Nursery Atmosphere' so enjoy those either together or separately, it's up to!
It works at both 86 and 172Bpm or you can do whatever to it you want.


Description : These are real individual hits but I've sequenced them into a rapid and groove little number, hope you enjoy!

Description : It's not really a wasp but using a couple methods I've made this Fx, it might be a bit loud so sorry...
Enjoy anyway!

Check out my other loops! More on their way!

Description : This is the vocal version of the other loop I uploaded (took forever to make for some reason)
Here's something that maybe Busta Rhymes would be the best bet to rap over.
Really jiggy, really funkyish too!
So, yeah enjoy!

Also, there's a instrumental

Description : This is an effected version of a drum loop I uploaded using flanger and other methods.
If you have any requests please let me know by messaging me or whatever and I'll see what I can do.

Also, check out the Dry version of this loop!

Description : This is a drum loop... um.. it's pretty simple, I've Eq'd etc, took most of the low out and it was something I decided to make entirely for Loopermen & women to use so enjoy and if you have any requests please let me know and I'll see what I can do.


Description : Another of the filtering basses but this time using a simple EQ it filters in.
Check out the other permutations of this bass!

Description : A Bassline I've created using various effects with a heavily compressed reverb tail.
Hope you enjoy!
Check out the other variations of this bass.

Description : Bass I've made and manipulated using various effects, I've also uploaded other versions.

Description : It's a mixture of Fidget and normal House Drums that I think sound alright.
I've placed them sonically so that the drums will fill out and around your song, there's phased hats, bits of amen breaks (me being primarily a drum and bass producer) so Hopeful

Description : Same sort of vibe you'd get from KJ-Sawka, I played these drums myself and then edited them slightly with variable EQ and using other variants from existing sounds I applied my mastering to these in the same way so I hope you enjoy them.

Description : This will really sound cool the way it jumps on most 4/4 beats, even if you switch up your beat into some kind of half-time rhythm in dubstep, this will be a great synth to roll into some heavy basslines.
Already EQ'd and Compressed so you should only ha

Description : Electro Gritty Bassline, should sit well in your electronic Productions.
Already EQ'd and Compressed to be it's loudest without peaking, now you can just lower the volume how you see fit to get level in the mix.
Many more Loops on the way so keep an eye

Description : Clean crisp drums, EQ'd so that it should sit nicely in any of the productions you Looperheads are working on.
It's something I used but in a different pattern so I thought why not share.
Hopefully it works for you.


Description : More for a heavy rolling Drum & Bass tune, you should only have to drop it into your song, it's been EQ'd and Compressed to be loud enough, if it's too loud just turn it down.
Hope you enjoy the loop more will be coming soon, just too busy at the moment.

Description : Simple House loop I made, same pattern as the House Synth Piano except for the rise at the end.

Description : Simple House Synth, it works great off the Kick and the Snare and loops fine.
Hopefully it works well within your own productions.
Check out my page for Drum & Bass loops and more Dance loops.

Loops 26 - 50 of 53
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