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Description : "Stuck on Flat" range of loops are all written in a dubstep format but with a mix of genres. I try to keep all my loops as clean and usable as possible. Made using Logic. Some simple violin stabs

Description : "Stuck on Flat" range of loops are all written in a dubstep format but with a mix of genres. I try to keep all my loops as clean and usable as possible. Made using Logic. This one is some Cello chords played in an interesting fashion.

Description : I realised this morning that I haven't uploaded any loops to here in over a month so I thought it was about time! Enjoy this little loop set. Thanks, Jamie Vega

Description : O yes. This is the whole thing these loops were built around. Such a cool sound with a catchy melody. Made using Logic.

Description : Just thought I'd put this one alone for the loop above. Made using Logic.

Description : The same instrument with the overlay riff. It's quite difficult to come up with original names for loops. Mine tend to have fairly stupid names. Made using Logic.

Description : Love this bass sound. Sounds so chilled - even though the melody its self is quite energetic. Made using Logic

Description : I called it single tap (and double tap) due to the last part of the riff. This ones a dark synthesized bass sounds awesome with a little bit of reverb and echo. Made using Logic.

Description : This bass kick sound is so nice. It's really effective when used with simple natural sounding instruments (lol not really like the rest of the loops I've uploaded today). Definitely be using this sound more. Made using Logic.

Description : Layered drumbeat - quite a dance feel with a combination of open/closed hihats and claps. Made using Logic.

Description : Ha - this is so cheesey but I couldn't resist. I'm sure it might sound okay if used well. Made using Logic.

Description : Classic trance synthline. It's quite an energetic melody. Not something that I could normally work with, but someone might find it useful. Made using Logic.

Description : Gated Synth that fits over the other samples I'm going to upload. Two bars of the same riff as there may be a little overlap with the synth trails. Made using Logic.

Description : That was the biggest upload ever. All 25 odd loops. Took me over an hour just to upload them! All the loops I've put up should quite nicely fit over each other despite the varying styles. Got some orchestral pieces, dubstep bits, metal, eletronica and so on. Any way enjoy and I hope to hear some good songs coming out of them! Kind Regards, CeeJameBeat

Description : Second part to the drumbeat (file was too big had to split it down). Made using Logic.

Description : A raw sounding drumkit with accents to fit the guitar riff I've uploaded. Made using Logic.

Description : As promised the individual parts. This ones a fake heavy metal sound guitar. I hate synthesised guitars but this one isn't actually too bad. Just required a bit of playing with some levels and distortion and it sounds quite decent. Again, not my normal style - but why not? Made using Logic.

Description : Thought I'd upload this one just to show what I was going for with the drums and the guitar. I'll upload all the individual parts too. I think i'm on two pages of Looperman now. Only a few more to go now. Made using Logic.

Description : This is two loops combined. Just to show how well they work together. I wouldn't normally make music like this but hey why not push my boundaries. Made using Logic.

Description : This isn't my usual styled loop but it's always nice to have a bit of variation. I'm not really good at making "Metal" especially synthesised metal lol. But a looonng time ago I used to like metal and that muted distorted guitar sound was always my favourite. Made using Logic.

Description : The cleanest simple ones are always the nicest. Two bass wobbles at different keys followed by a simple 1/2 beat. Made using Logic.

Description : Simple beat that should fit with the rest of these loops. Love that big long snare noise. Made using Logic.

Description : Dubstep styled drum loop with a sort of dub/reggae snare place in there. Made using Logic.

Description : This one may not work with some headphones. It's perhaps a liiiittle too bassy. Made using Logic.

Description : Same as before but a slightly different riff. Made using Logic.

Loops 26 - 50 of 163
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