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Description : star plucked strings synth made in nexus. original loop

Description : synth loop. d/l and enjoy. made with morphine vst

Description : synth guitar loop

Description : Trap style violins

Description : Lead piano arpped the fu** out layered with some choir! show some love with a comment. & letme hear what you got!

Description : Brass loops made with DSK BRASS using the piccolo trumpet & brass esemble

Description : Pwm synth made in sytrus. comment download enjoy

Description : filler synth loop with a slight wobble. comment download enjoy

Description : Pad loop created in toxic biohazard. comment & D/L

Description : Violin loop made in sakura vsti. comment & d/l plz

Description : Bell synth made in sytrus. listen comment download

Description : Brass loop from snatcher.pitch is dropped slightly. made in DSK Brass With a touch of reverb & a splash of delay

Description : DSK Brass synth. Trumpet/Brass orchestra. octave -.5 & 0. comment and enjoy

Description : lead loop from my track rockets that is not yet uploaded. comment and enjoy

Description : Smooth pad from sytrus vsti

Description : bell synth with alterated delay added

Loops 26 - 41 of 41
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