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Description : Dance drum loop

Description : solo crash and snare with small fill at the end

Description : synth with "release note" for intro/outro

Description : synth layer

Description : layer of deep synths

Description : Reggae type drums

Description : Deep Sub

Description : Bass is dry , so try put a bit fx on it!

Description : i put just a bit reverb on it, but except that loop is dry

Description : Short synth Hit

Description : Rasty pad synth

Description : Arp Seq Pad Synth

Description : Arp synth

Description : Crunk/Dirty South synth

Description : MMS Drum
Each element (808 Kicks, Snares, Hats, Roll / Fills), you can download separately here:
This is not the entire MMS drum sample, the entire drum sample consists 14 elements,
and is too large to upload here ,almost 20 Mb ... in any case, here you have 6-7 separate loops of MMS sample! Be creative and enjoy .... And Leave a comment if you like

Description : 808 kick layer part1
IMPORTANT! At the beginning of the loop, you have a small gap .. CUT that gap!
to upload this loop I have to leave this gap,to avoid "clipping", this is kick layer, everything is sidechain ... and I did not want to ruin that deep sound, by taking away the sidechain!

Description : Clap Snare Layer

Description : Hat Layer

Description : 808 kick fill

Description : Snare Fill 2

Description : Snare Roll Fill

Description : Synth Melody

Description : Synth Strings Hits

Loops 26 - 50 of 385
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