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Description : In E Major. Sorry about the inactivity, should be back to posting even higher quality loops now that i'm no longer in school.

Description : Trap stuff

Description : Woops

Description : Yuuup

Description : Hardwell Remake

Description : Not Hard to make at all. The vocal is everywhere

Description : I made this while Bored. Kinda like Ray Volpe

Description : Its in C

Description : How do you make a Pan flute? Seriously, messege me

Description : Its in D

Description : From a new song I was working on - Link Me

Description : If you don't know how its supposed to be structured look at my tracks

Description : I made it with vengence samples woops

Description : Seriously, almost done. I like this fill

Description : Im almost done I swear

Description : I made it on accident

Description : This goes with the bass i just posted

Description : Idk lmao

Description : Im cleaning out my computer and giving you guys stuff lmao

Description : Its in E

Description : Idk I got bored

Description : Melbourne Drums for unicorn Bounce F#

Description : I love this song

Description : Sikdopeeeee

Description : Hardstyle Pack

Loops 1 - 25 of 68
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