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Description : retro game music type stuff

Description : yo wussup guys, I made a new "my dad left me when i was 7" type melody! I hope y'all's dad return with the milk because mine sure as hell wont! ^^

Description : lmao get some bishes irl and touch some grass you record producin loop usin human!

Description : My name is Walter Hartwell White. I live at 308 Negra Arroyo Lane Albuquerque New Mexico 87104. This is my confession.

Description : this is the long-awaited sequel to my very influential and great hi hat series and i hope you enjoy it!
I loved making this beat and I love my country!!!
this is a cry for help please help me, these people keep me in the basement and beat me everyday and force me to make music for them, please send help as soon as possible, i think they are coming back... goodluck to me I guess..

Description : bri'ish classical music innit fam
yk why the bri'ish don't say t? because they fookin drank it mate
no homo

Description : 2 chainz inspired drums

Description : trappy drumz with triplets

Description : meh idk tbh

Description : Trap hi hats

Description : meh idk

Description : HARD 808s without snare and hi-hats
one shot samples used-
Rack kick
Cymatics 808 mob 808 1
spinz 808 #2
link me your creations in the comments below!

Description : lemme know if i can improve something

Description : lemme know what you think in the comments

Description : lemme know if you used the loop! I would be happy to listen to any and all of em!

Description : Sounds good with some drums and counter melody

Loops 1 - 16 of 16
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