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Description : Just a beat in FL Studio 12 Demo
Description : Distorted Sidechained Synth. We can still hear the first kick though.
Description : Detuned Harmor pad chords.
Description : Yep, another collection of Riff Machine Loops.
Originality = 0
Also, Just add some reverb and delay.
Description : The final piece to my Riff Machine 1 Collection.
Made on FL Studio 12 Demo.
Description : Not the best EQ tho, made with Audacity and FL Studio 12 Demo. Play it in reverse for a Generic Impact.
Description : Made in Audacity, from a sample from FL Studio's Legacy Pack.
Description : An original 707 drum loop.
Forgot to add swing or shuffle but hey, what can i
actually say?
Description : Modified the score a little and played it on MiniSynth
Description : I took the same score but on the Jade preset on Harmor (and i activated the legato mode)
Description : I made it using the string preset on Harmor and FL Keys. The score is composed by the Riff Machine on FL Studio 12.
Loops 1 - 11 of 11
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