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Description : I listened to Middle Milks DnB vip of One Nipple At A Time (amazing song) and got a huge throwback to Duncan Winns remix of Caged by QB!K and decided to research this subgenre of dnb cause goddamn it goes hard af.

Description : Kinda emo lead for the leotrix style stems o.o
Can be used for future riddim, future bass, edm etc.
F major, 140 bpm 4/4
Send what you make !!

Description : Leotrix basses !! kinda thonky.
Can be used for future riddim or basically any kind of riddim.
F major, 140 bpm 4/4
Send what you make !!

Description : The clap layer of the leotrix drum stems o.o
Kinda clappy moment
No key applicable, 140 bpm 4/4

Description : The kiccs for the leotrix stems. May look and sound sort of odd, but when you layer all the drums together it sounds cool :3
No key applicable, 140 bpm 4/4

Description : Loop 1/5 of the leotrix style stems im uploading :0
Some crunchy hi hats to be layered with the drums and claps ;]
No key applicable to the drums, 140 bpm 4/4

Description : Ive been listening to a lot of bvssic recently and damnnnn that neuro future riddim style goes mad hard, so i took some inspiration from the switchup from his song on halcyon DISGUST (go listen its absolutely insane) and made a heavy drum loop :) im using these in a track of mine but feel free to use them anyway

Description : From my ID seraph, which i might finish and release soon o.o

Description : Ive been relistening to my old old playlist and theres a loooot of monstercat and jsab soundtrack on there hahhahahh.
So naturally, Barracuda, a song that shaped most of my childhood was on the aforementioned playlist, and i recreated the drums cause they cool af. Unfortunately im shit at sound design and tried to recreate the synth and failed miserably.

Description : Ever listen to Escape by Noisestorm? Kinda like that. Man i miss noisestorm :(
Anyway, complete with thicc 808 basses, 3 layers of Hats, Some punchy kicks, three layers of snares, and a vocal one shot
Send me your links pls i could do with some listening

Description : Like the thing in his sample pack demo

Description : Made a sort of leotrix-y bassline for future riddim (or riddim if you want)
If this gets enough attention ill do a lead to go with it

Description : I love dariacore, its an astonishing and fun genre to play around with :D
Holy heck the snares are kinda cool too.
Free to use drums sorta like Dashie or Leroy, have fun!

Description : Why tf leotrix drums so good for anything but future riddim

Description : Leotrix claps work surprisingly well for house

Description : Yeh lol

Description : Im dumb lmao

Description : I dont even know

Description : This is legit a kick drum.
Goes with the other loops i uploaded

Loops 1 - 19 of 19