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Description : Melody to the piano i uploaded a couple months ago.
This is in 3/4 btw.

Description : The drum and 808 pattern to the loop i uploaded earlier. COMMENT PLEASE

Description : Over my dead body- Drake melody without the phaser

Description : Remade the melody of Over My Dead Body-Drake in my DAW. It doesnt sound exactly the same, which is good I guess so y'all can use it.

Description : Piano part for my previous loop

Description : I was playing around and came up with this melody, but couldnt think of a drum pattern for it. I couldve added more but I wanted to keep it basic so y'all can add your own stuff. Used the Stage grand plugin on Fruity Loops

Description : I couldn't find the sample J cole used on the beat so I decided to recreate the melody and drums on Fruity Loops. I used the Skerratt London piano plugin for this. Comment if you want me to upload the drum pattern and 808 for the rest of the beat!

Loops 1 - 7 of 7
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