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Description : This synthy sound can be used straight following the build up I previously uploaded. I am using this in my new upcoming track, but you're free to use it. :) Made in Massive.
Chord Progression: C5 A#4 D#5 C5 A#4

Description : Basically a build up that has a hint of a talking bass in there. It made be hard to use so I will upload some sounds to follow this, when I get the chance. I made this in Massive. I now own both Massive and FL Studio 10 so I shall be uploading some decent loops soon. :)
Leave a link to your song if you use it. :)

Description : Just the beat I am using in my upcoming track called "321 Steps".

Description : I improved the original one I made. I know the samples are still off and I haven't done the bit at the end of the beat but it still isn't as bad as it could be.

Description : Goes well with the prious growling bass loop I uploaded. IF you use this, please comment a link to your work.

Description : This loop goes well with the next two loops I'm uploading.

Description : This beat fits in with the dubstep bass wobble I uploaded prior to this.

Description : A dubstep wobble made using LMMS at 200 BPM so you may want to change the tempo or use a fast beat. I will soon upload the beat I made to accompany this loop if you waould like to use it too.
If you use this, please comment a link to the song. I would love to hear it. :)

Description : Just a beat I am using in my upcoming track. Figured someone may have use for it. If you use it, please leave a comment with a link to your work. It's nice to hear other people's stuff. :)
Note: I'm not sure what genre this is so I just put dubstep.

Description : I tried making something that sounded a little bit like the beat used in Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. I am using it in one of my songs and thought someone else may like it.
Made in LMMS.

Loops 1 - 10 of 10
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