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Description : hope you guys ebjoy this decent remake

Description : This a the drop from Dirty Palm's Bounce Btch
Hope you enjoy

ALSO!: i want to have you guys suggest what remakes i should do next, any genre !

!Remember to post a track with this in there you need name it as a bootleg or remix because this is not original !

Description : Hey everyone I hope you enjoy my I got love by A Billion Robots remake !!!!

Description : This is a remake for liam turners track The Clock

Hope you enjoy it

Description : This is a cool sounding drop that can be used for any style hope you guys enjoy

Description : i hope you enjoy it and please send me you're finished track id love to here it !

And please fell free to use all of my loops and please dont worry about including my name in youre track, It's your track not mine

Description : This is a complete remake of KSHMR,BassKillers,B3nte-Spook hope you like it !


Description : This is a Melbourne vocal please feel free to use it in you're next track! Please comment as link to you're song id love to here it :)

Description : Hey every one this is a D!rty palm Up&Down (remake) hope you guys enjoy !! :))

Description : This is a decent Tropical House Drop that you can make into a song, just remember if you do to share it in the comments i always want to hear the tracks you make.

Description : Hey guys this is a melebourne Drop that sounds like something D!rty palm or derror would make i hope you enjoy it! and show me your tracks you use it in !

Description : This is a nice ethnic drop i thought make on because there a'rent alot on this site so here you
go !

Description : this is an awesome melebourne drop you guys can use in your next track and please share your track with me

Description : This is just a full remake using fl studios producers addition please enjoy this remake maybe make a remix or something

Description : This is the saw from ahzee's remix of hardcore vibes

Description : This is the melody from dune hardcore vibes

Description : This is for the heavy drop or any track you want

Description : this is a great dubstep break for when the drops ending or if you want to transition to a different beat during the drop

Description : This is the first part of the drop of thimmy trumpets nightmare ! already edited

Description : This is a ultra heavy drop made for exotic or breaks in a song.

Smack some heavy drums on this drop and its good

Loops 1 - 20 of 20
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