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Description : Dark and foreboding bells. Enjoy the sample, share creations.

Description : Like a pleasant dream coming to a bittersweet ending. The journey was more important than the destination, and now that it's over, maybe you feel a little bit lost. But that's okay, because you achieved what you set out to accomplish. You just wish it took a little bit longer.

Description : Sometimes speech isn't enough to express an emotion. Friend of mine died in an accident very recently. Rest easy KD.

Share creations. If you could include a rest in peace or short message in the title or description it would be appreciated.

Description : Dark and foreboding loop, fits both D&B and trap genres. Post links with your creations.

Description : Long time no see Looperman! Jumpy trap melody for you, enjoy. Remember to share your work in the comments

Description : Creepy

Description : Creepy

Description : Soothing lo-fi bells with a touch of winter season. Hopefully usable for some nice new wave beats or something. Enjoy and share!

Description : Long time no see, Looperman community. I've returned and brought with me a brand new fire loop. Show me what you got!

Description : The first boss. Hope you brought health potions.

Time for some variety! I enjoyed making this little chip tune thing. Hope you guys enjoy, remember share your creations!

Description : Because Looperman censorship cannot comprehend description text, the community only gets half the track. Sorry guys.

Description : It's been so long! I apologize for being gone for ages, writer's block hit me hard. Anyways, here's another dark and foreboding trap melody for you guys, enjoy!

Make sure to link your creations in the comments.

Description : When my tracks are getting 500+ downloads, I expect some comments with track links. I'ma be straight pissed if I don't get some heat from this loop.

Description : Same melody, different augments

Description : Fast and snappy trap melody for some hard beats. Show me what you got.

Description : Ya boy is back. Sadboi guitar. use for trap or chill out, show me what you make.

Description : Ya boy is back. Sadboi guitar. use for trap or chill out, show me what you make.

Description : They don't leave me alone.
Nice for chill beats, easy to use and dark and mellow. Comment a post to your links and let me know what you think.

Description : Lighter, happier stuff compared to my normal posts. A simple but elegant synth melody for a liquid or chill trap beat. Enjoy!

Description : Slow and ominous melody for a hard a** beat! Please, please make something crazy and show me your work!

Apologies for not publishing in a while, been caught up. Trying to keep the dark feel going with these releases.

Description : Rhodes affected by chorus and ice. Sick and easy to work with trap beat. Link your creations!

Description : Drum track that I used in a piece called Tides on my soundcloud. Use them for any style, and show me what you do!

Description : Murder the beat. 8 bars of thick, evolving bass. Share your creations!

Description : Been feeling kinda uninspired by recent loops so I busted out an old one. Enjoy and share your work!

Description : Another dark and foreboding lead for all you trap enthusiasts. Make something fire with it. Remember to post a link!

Loops 1 - 25 of 29
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