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Description : Just digging through my old samples. I believe I used NI massive and lots of compression

Description : Do what you want with it yo

Description : It's fat. I couldn't get it to sound how I wanted it to so enjoy; It's sidechained and EQed for taste. Use it however you want in your tunes!

Description : Resampled bass

Description : YEa Im not Obsologic dont chek my stuf out im 3 and produce skrilelx

Description : Well, not going to tell you how I did it. Please enjoy and you do not need tell me if you use any of my stuff because I am not a narc. Always down to hear though

Description : Couldnt make it work how I wanted it too. Already made room for a kick and a snare.

would sound good with some synths playing over it hint hint

Description : Go on feel that beat

Description : Lots of distortion layered in here. Hit me up for collabs. Accepting all! Just hit 1000 followers on soundcloud so Im in the mood to post a couple sick loops!

Description : One Two 345

Description : Do some resampling

Description : Testing out a new synthesizer and added my FX and mastering chain on this, enjoy!

Description : Couldn't decide what key it was in so have it for free

Description : Title

Description : Just a bassline

Description : Phat reese. Once again, no use for me

Loops 1 - 16 of 16
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