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Description : perfect for:

lofi genres
ammbient genres

its written in c myxolydian

share your creations in the comments

Description : flutes and synths perfect for:
Ambient music
experimental genres

Description : Synths perfect for:

Chill out music
Chill step and other relaxing genres

Chord progression: C#Maj-Cdim-A#min-Cdim

Description : Perfect for: dark trap
Dark techno
electronic music
ambient music

It was done using the jirajoshi pentatonic scale in the key of E

Description : Perfect for lofi/chillhop music

Chord prog: Em - C- F#(b9)sus - C

Description : This was written in a 3/4 tempo

chords Progression: Gm-F-Dm-Cm-Dm-Cm-A#(inverted in 2nd position)-Gm

Thanks for downloading and hope to hear what you make out of it!

Description : Perfect for a dreamy song

Description : bells ideal for:

Kawaii music
bright electronic genres

Chords used:

AMaj13-B-B(inverted in 1st position)-Eaug-D9aug-B
-It's in a minor key
Inspired by Evangelion's "fly me to the moon"

Description : Ethereal synths perfect for:

-Chill- genres
-Ambient works
Inspired by the masterpiece game Mother 3

Love to hear what gets done with it.

Loops 1 - 9 of 9
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