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Description : Here is a nice fliter-sweeping arp Virtual Riot style for you guys! Please link the song that you used this in! Enjoy
Description : Please link what you made with my loop :)
Description : Sorry for not posting for a while (Ive been busy with my EP) but here is a fresh drum loop!
Description : This is the longer version and I decided to keep the chords in this time. Please share what you made with this loop!
Description : Every dubstep song sounds empty without background noise! Add some extra crowd noise to make the drop sound even fuller. Link what you made!
Description : Tried to do something new this time. :) Quick 808 loop I made in Serum. Enjoy! Please show what you use this in!
Description : A Zomboy/Skrillex inspired loop that I just whipped up. Link what you made with this!
Key: F
Tempo: 150
Description : A Virtual Riot style melodic dubstep drop without the bass hits. I whipped this up in an hour so enjoy Show what you made! The presets are not available. The key is Eb
Description : I recreated my favorite drop of the song. Be careful what you use this in, its way to close to the original. Goes together well with the drum loop I just posted. Comment what you make! No sub, no sidechaining!
Description : I love these drums. Comment what you make with them
Description : Perfect offbeat loop for your tracks. Made with a quick Massive patch and some "Hey" shouts! Link what you make!
PS The chords are Dm and C
Description : Heavy snare and a nice bass-toned kick. Taken right out of my sample pack I'm releasing soon! Check back for more and comment what you used this thing in!
Description : Drums for dubstep/hybrid trap with crazy hi hats and rides.
Description : An evil dubstep drum beat made in LMMS
Description : A simple wobble with a little gated reverb. Let me know what you guys make with this loop!
Description : Awesome drop i made in serum w a getter/skrillex sound to it
Loops 1 - 16 of 16
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