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Description : Using the Kong here. Simple HipHop groove.

Description : I used some orchestral drum sounds in this beat.

Description : A skippy 808 beat, enjoy.

Description : Kicks, percussion and hi hats.

Description : Swinging HipHop beat. I have made this so you can loop the first part and the second part has toms added.

Description : Swinging Hip Hop loop.

Description : Kicks, Hi-Hats, Percussion as one loop. Quirky sounds.

Description : Minimal, filter House loop to start your track off. Kicks, filter snare and hi-hats mixed together. Message me if you want them separate.

Description : A warm synth pad, uplifting.

Description : A moody sub deep bassline.

Description : A reminiscing loop, sad but promising. Enjoy share your songs, I love to listen to what you have made.

Description : Church sounding organ. Using the Big StringSynth Thor from Reason 10. 4 root notes at 115BPM. Root Key major, notes are: Dm Em Am G

Description : A slow contemplating hook, sad sounding.

Description : Would love someone to add a rap to this. It's a slow beat. Leave links if you use it.

Description : Skippy beat. Kind of Trap style. Made with Kong Drum Designer.

Description : Made with Reason 10, Thor Polysonic Synthesizer. not for resale.

Description : A ethereal sounding synth loop. Made with the Thor Synthesizer, alligator filter gate and audiomatic vinyl crackle effect.

Loops 1 - 17 of 17
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