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Description : its stringy and stuff

Description : been a minute add some drums some bass and ye yee

Description : layer em son

Description : Fuhgeddaboudit

Description : Fuhgeddaboudit

Description : nice piano loop for the Easter basket

Description : ye yee its a beautiful thing

Description : its not to be smoked lol cool loop I made not sure if i'll use it or not.

Description : chill loop got to finish this one up. lets hear what you can do with it,shout out to hercuLEEs.

Description : ye yee

Description : something for the mpc ers are out there

Description : so toned key's made a nice track with this sample right here.

Description : piano clean

Description : off a killing track I made let me hear what you do with it.

Description : a new way to float

Description : drum loop

Description : made these chords for an up coming beat

Description : your wake up call

Description : chill matic

Description : whatever goes with piano grand

Description : out of the blue I came up with something new for you i'll do me and you can do you..

Description : used on a great rap I wrote, about women who claim they been raped. but never go to the cops or report, it other then their boyfriends enjoy.

Description : one element

Description : this goes hard

Description : chop it up

Loops 1 - 25 of 25