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Description : Really liking trumpets at the moment! Please share your projects!

Description : Use this with the mystic keys for full effect. Please show me any work with these loops!

Description : Just some cool chords... Please send me any of your work if you use my loops!

Description : Reversing a piano is pretty good! Please share your work!

Description : The exact same thing, if you think you can sidechain better than me XD!! Please show your work!

Description : I really like this sound!! Please show me your work.

Description : A future house pluck. This is a generic future house scale and progression, so I wouldn't be surprised if you have heard it before. Made with sytrus in FL Studio. Please leave a link to your work if you use this loop!

Description : Chill piano Rhodes sort of thing? Please link your work that includes my work!

Description : Messin around, then I found, this cool sound (Hey that rhymed xD) Please show me your work if you used my loops!

Description : Please show me your work! And please, sidechain this in a drop :D

Description : Please show me your work if you can!

Loops (11)