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Description : epiano with a tremolo effect

Description : just some slight piano chords with a little bit of ambiance

Description : made this loop with a lil uzi drum kit.
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Description : this loop slaps guys.
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this loop reminded us of rugrats.

Description : made this with stock drums. follow us on instagram

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Description : 21 savage trap drums. follow us for more music

Description : This is a banging drum loop. follow us for more music

Description : made this with OGUN
it's a pad but it really does sound like a guitar.

Description : part 2

Description : now this is what you call PERCUSSION...

Description : This is a Comethazine drum loop with banging 808, percussion instruments, and classic hats, triangle, and cymbal.
Enjoy :)

Description : made this loop from a $uicide boys drum kit.

Description : I haven't uploaded any loops in a while.
Typical trap drums.
808 with boosted sub (6 dB)
Snare 1
Snare 2 with delay
Bongo with panning
Low hats with reverb
regular hi hats
I didn't want to squash this too much so I left it at around -10.5dB. Just so you can add a melody or vocals or both and still have headroom.

Description : i gave up on this loop lol

Description : 808
if i start making tutorials and such on music would any of you guys be interested? i really want to give back to the community, i know how hard it was when i first started lol.

Description : 808
let's go
check out my other loops in my profile

Description : chord and melody :)

Description : bell boys

Description : make something hard from this.
do not disappoint me, my son.

Description : polysynthbright is a preset from FL Studio 20's Sim Synth Module.

I created this with just a little bit of music theory ;)

I would consider this a cinematic loop.

Description : made w Harmless in FL.
boost to low and high mids.

Description : mwahaha. i am spooky

Loops 1 - 25 of 34