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Description : Simple drum beat

Description : drum fill build up 150

Description : Drums for the other E minor samples

Description : Bass for future bass or something

Description : lead for future bass or whatever

Description : chords for future bass or whatever

Description : quick dubstep synth

Description : Notes are C D D A B A# G E D

Description : 16 bar future bass synth at 110

Description : Simple chillwave beat

Description : MB lead synth

Description : future bass chord

Description : prog pluck

Description : prog pluck

Description : little beat at 100 bpm

Description : Just some good old guitar playing

Description : short acoustic guitar with electric undertones

Description : Rhodes/Wurlitzer type piano. Midi available

Description : A drum beat I was thinking about using in a song but decided not to

Description : Vox synth roughly in the key of F

Description : progressive synth. Midi available

Description : Chill guitar in the key of G

Description : Future Bass Chord Drop in G Minor at 140.

Description : A boom bap type sample. Slow but worth it.
F# E D.
Accent at the end of the D is a High F# note and a quick D note.

Description : Probably could be used for Future Bass or Trap as well

Loops 1 - 25 of 62
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