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Description : as you can see a tay keith beat is extremely complex and unique. no one can copy his sound perfectly.

Description : hits mad hard but i couldn't make a melody

Description : STFXN posted the first, and someone wanted this one so yeah

Description : drums.. i also made a full track with this

Description : second pt to the slowed lead

Description : been a lil since i put sumthin up

Description : unused cuz my creative mind couldn't do anything with it

Description : ethereal :))

Description : idk what genre it would be tbh

Description : still bad at dubstep :))) but i need a break from trap beats

Description : im bad at dubstep so don't expect much :))))

Description : same saws as the last one

Description : real melodic n stuff

Description : hmu wit ur links

Description : ay post the link if u use it. i might follow if it's dope :))))

Description : its just a preset in electrax

Description : this was for one of my beats. it was pretty nice

Description : prod me

Description : prod me

Description : prod me

oh and btw mods that wasn't copyright infringement :))

Loops 1 - 20 of 20
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