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Description : G# natural minor
Description : i made a beat and it didnt turn out the way i wanted, so here is the melody

sorry but i dont know the scale
Description : I DIDN'T SAMPLE THIS
made it, de-tuned it, and stretched it

tried to make a bobby Tarantino kinda thing, i have no use for it
A# natural minor BTW
Description : i sent this to a producer and he said it was shit so here it is
sorry but i don't remember the key
Description : ahhhhhh hello
Description : made this in kontakt crystal flute
pierre bounre
Description : there is a scary synth that goes with this, if u want it then check my profile.
Description : check out the one with the piano on my profile
Description : was messing around
Description : I hope u make this into a beat and post the link on your soundcloud or your youtube. This is in F minor btw
Description : Post what u have done with this beat on youtube soundcloud or looperman
Description : show me what you have done in the des.
Loops 1 - 12 of 12
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