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Description : go crazy link sumn below :]

Description : purity piano
link yo stuff
C minor

Description : epic piano loop
made w purity
link what u create

Description : made in omni
link what u create

Description : made w electrax. link what u create!

Description : made w electra x

Description : made in omni. C major. lmk what u make!

Description : Omnisphere + Fruity Flanger

Description : hell yeah yee haw.

Description : vibes // made with omnisphere/purity/nexus

Description : Made in Nexus intended for my Ambient Guitar loop. Link below what you create!

Description : Made w glorious guitars preset in Omnisphere (: link what you create.

Description : made in omni

Description : made in nexus

Description : Sad space piano, created in Omnisphere.

Description : link below what u make

Description : Something ambient I made using Nexus, link what you create (:

Loops 1 - 17 of 17
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