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Description : 4 seamless bars of an exciting, vigorous mambo rhythm in the vintage Afro-Cuban style.
Description : Three male voices in an expressive space do a little scat riffing in an oldschool Soul style.

Hint: Try layering this loop with my Vintage Soul Piano Comps.
Description : 4 seamless bars of an oldschool Soul piano riff. Be sure to feel the Triplet-Eighths underlying swing.

Implied Harmonies: Cmaj7---Dm7/C----Cmaj9---Dm7/C
Description : A choir of soul women sing a retro-style groove in an expressive space.

Hint: Try layering this loop with my Vintage Soul Piano Comps and see whatcha git.
Description : 4 seamless bars of andante-tempo grand piano chords, with granulation/freeze FX added to it for a curious stringlike sustain.

Implied Harmonies: C/F-----F
Description : A 1980's club/dance beat... amped-up and goosed-up.

4 seamless bars.
Description : Orchestral strings play a syncopated, swung-16ths, funky rhythm.

Note: the first eighth-note beat is silent. This is correct: This is because the loop is meant to be heard over a steady 4/4 drum rhythm, creating a cool syncopation. A kick note should be hitting on that silent eighth-note beat. Try it and you'll see how it works.

Implied Harmonies: A--B----E--F#m
Description : A thumping, highly-swung andante blues guitar riff.

Implied Harmonies: E (no third)---A (no third)
Description : 4 seamless bars. A Hammond organ plays 12/8 ballad rhythm.

Implied Harmonies: A----Bm----Bm----A
Description : 4 seamless bars of a muted piano playing a typical 1950's 12/8 ballad progression.

Implied Harmonies: F6--Dm7--Gm7--C7
Description : 8 seamless bars of an expressive orchestral strings passage.

Implied Harmonies: C---F6---C---F6
Description : Gentle groove of bongos and tambourine.
Description : 4 seamless bars of a funky, highly-swung bass.

Implied harmonies: F7---Bb
Description : 8 seamless bars of a steady syncopated groove similar to that heard in 1968's "Grazin' In The Grass" by Hugh Masekela.
Description : A fast, arpeggiated, effervescent synth progression. 8 seamless bars.

Implied harmonies: Bbmaj7---Dm7---Ebmaj7---Ebm6
Description : 8 seamless bars of a thumping, treated bass guitar, playing a riff in the 1970's Funk style.
Description : 4 seamless bars of a sci-fi sound.
Description : 8 seamless bars. A grand piano plays a black gospel rhythm in a large church.

Implied harmonies: Ab7----Db7add9
Description : 8 seamless bars of an orchestral strings progression.

Implied Harmonies: E---F#m7---G#m7----B13
Description : A male choir sings Oohs in an expressive space.

Implied harmonies: C---Dm7---F6---C
Description : Harpsichord plays a trippy rhythm.

Implied Harmonies: C---G---F--G---C
Description : A complex synth patch plays some exultant chords.

Implied Harmonies: Cm---Ab6---Eb/Bb---Bb
Description : A hard-pounding late-1960's West Coast Funk groove. Medium tempo, 4 seamless bars.
Description : A piano player nails out a rhythmic pattern in the Disco style.

Implied Harmonies: Dm7---Gm7---A7sus4---Dm
Description : A funky riff on electric guitar reminiscent of 60's and 70's Funk.

Implied Harmony: D7#9 (D Blues)
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