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Description : Lil 2 part ambient melody

Beats in about me description, come check me out!

also link what you make, i wanna hear.

Description : check me out in about.

lil 2 part melody enjoy

Description : Check about me i make beats too

Description : link what you make, this is fire!

Check about me for links come support!

Description : Link what you make!

Also click profile pic for more stuff

Description : click my profile pic for more stuff.

And try half speed or pitching down it sounds fire.

Description : If you dont think this a fire Pierre melody u stoopid

Also link what u make

Description : check "about me" for extra stuff

Also made with omni shout out to my boy lmao

Description : Gotta play it safe fam...

Description : Sad Pierre Bourne Playboi Carti Type Loop

Description : I honestly dont know how i make my melodies sound so good. i should get paid for this lmao. Also Link what u make and give some feedback too!

Description : Another loop by request hope yall enjoy

Description : Made by request hope yall enjoy. and link what u make too.

Also i might make the second loop where its more complex if yall blow up my other loops

Description : LLink what you make! almost didnt want to upload it cuz i like it so much lmao.

Description : Lil sum sum. Link what u make

Description : Ive noticed that putting the bpm on ur sample names helps a lot when using it later.

Description : My b last sample key was an F

Description : If u make anything link it i wanna hear it, and lmk what u think too

Description : Made using ElectraX sounds in FL.

Loops (19)