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Description : atmospheric lead from old shinju kit

Description : delayed pluck in style of yung lean, bladee, white armor

Description : electric guitar loop
with reverb and delay

Description : hi hat loop
nost0s on IG

Description : busy pluck pattern
c minor key

Description : white armor type lead

Description : joyful bell melody
lil shordiescott x sebii x lil yachty

Description : EDM x BABy PLUTo
havent uploaded in awhile, hope yall enjoy
take care and be safe yo

Description : 808 loop

Description : lil uzi type loop
pad w bass notes

Description : plucks

Description : bladee
ecco 2k
thaiboy digital

Description : playboi carti
da baby

Description : Tenet Travis Scott Type Loop
Film Score

Description : bladee yung lean ecco 2k

Description : bladee x lil uzi vert type loop


Description : prodbynostos on YT
(check looperman profile for contact info)

Description : lil uzi vertical
playboi barti

Description : retro arp

Description : spacey keys

Description : Travis Scott type loop

Description : j cole type loop

Description : Floaty Arp

Description : drake type loop

Loops 1 - 25 of 56
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