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Description : STRAY SLICK - Electric bass, pentatonic line, call and response, generic, works, present, melodic, slick, busy

Description : CRIMUS - Electric bass, Primus inspired, dirty AF, alternative, pulsing, mud stuck in your boots, chip on the shoulder, aaaaaannnnd BANG!!!

Description : SHABADOO - Acoustic Bass. A colourful hip hop bass line. Happy, joyful, teasing jiggle, tasty biscuit, crafty weasel

Description : THE PUDDING PUG - E Bass, dirty, funk, behind the beat, pop gruel, drunken beat, slug drizzle, gravel on toast

Description : BEEF HALL COMBO - Larry Graham and Bobby Vega inspired riff. Electric bass, single string slap and pop

Loops 1 - 5 of 5
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